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MHP 50-warning lights
Display with 2 additional LED lights to alert overspeed.
MHP50-additional lights-display
MHP50-additional lights-display

Front panel with integrated additional flashing lights, triggered by an overspeeding vehicle. 

Solar panel power charging possible.

By means of an in–built microwave radar, the device measures the speed of the vehicles passing by. The values measured are shown on the display. The data on the speeds and the numbers of the vehicles are stored in the memory and are available for later use.

The software supplied with the device makes it possible to transfer the derived data to other devices, as well as to process such data and present them as tables or graphs (in Microsoft Excel).

The data transfer is performed using a personal computer connected directly to the serial interface of the device, however, the data can be transferred also through the GSM / GPRS network (optional).



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