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Accurate time & frequency systems

Accurate time systems products.

Accurate time synchronization via Ethernet network // system use of accurate time // master clock is composed of several modules: GPS or DCF77 accurate time receiver, analogue clock driver // a PC slot with serial synchronization pulses.


NTP time server for various kind computer networks // built-in accurate time GPS receiver.


Accurate time GPS receiver // Eurocard // second and minute pulses // configurable operation parameters // external, active antenna.


PCI interface // 3.3V or 5V, 33 MHz or 66 MHz // plug and play // second and minute pulses // external antenna // DCF77 emulation // flash-EPROM, bootstrap loader // drivers for various OS.


DCF77 receiver // PCI bus interface // second and minute pulses // drivers for various OS.




Short description of GPS satellite system // time setting with GPS signal


GPS receiver or DCF77 receiver // 19"casing, height: 3U // built-in power supply // RS232 communication port, 20 mA current loop.



Short description of DCF77 signal // DCFF77 range // transfer of accurate time

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