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MHP 50 (RGB)
Speed display with a multicolor (RGB) matrix.
MHP_50 rgb ENG 1
MHP_50 rgb ENG 1

General description

Apart of a speed display the device consists of a multicolor (RGB) matrix, composed of a combination of RGB LED diods. On the multicolor display the following message content can be displayed:

Dynamic or static text:

  • an image, dynamic or static;
  • custom defined font;
  • multicolor traffic signs;
  • sponsors logo.


  • an individual animation composed of up to 50 different images;
  • frame rate max 30 images per second;
  • adjustable display rate of an individual image in the animation.

Display brightness adjusts automatically to the full range in 128 steps according to the surrounding light.

The device has a in-built microwave radar which measures speed of the vehicles passing by. The values measured are shown on the display. The data on the speeds and the numbers of the vehicles are stored in the memory and are available for later use.

The software supplied with a device makes it possible to remotely transfer the data via GPRS communication network to a control center and back.  A statistic analysis of the stored data can be presented as tables or graphs (in Microsoft Excel).

Technical data

Display installation in the real environment:

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