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Sipronika is a member of the Slovenian TP SmartGrids

Assembly of the Slovenian Technology Platform SmartGrids was held on Dec 8th 2010 on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana.

There are 36 legal entities in the field of electric power network in Slovenia affiliated to the Technology Platform (TP SmartGrids). Of these, four members are from research and academic institutions, eight are Slovenian power utilities and 24 partners from industry. 

Sipronika is with seven other industrial partners elected to a program committee of the TP.

The main areas of TP action are: the promotion and investment in knowledge and technological developments of the SmartGrid concepts, integration and effective communication between the participating members, strengthening the key capacities of Slovenian companies and research institutions, and consequently increase the added value and successful performance of the companies in international markets.

More information about TP SmartGrids can be found here.

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